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Couples Online Therapy

Relationships can be challenging for everyone at times. Couples therapy is any two people in a relationship…..  partners, siblings, parent and child or friends.

Couples therapy can help you clarify your feelings about your relationship and help to resolve problems before they get too difficult. Learning to really hear each other is very important in any relationship.

Couples therapy deals with problems you may be experiencing in the present but also any history that may have caused unhealthy patterns of relating.


What to expect in your Couples Therapy

I hope to provide you with the conditions to make you feel safe enough to be honest with yourself and each other. I work in a non judgemental way and encourage you to do the same.

We start with an initial assessment together so that we can take some history and explore in more detail your needs and how I can help you. We may then split off into individual sessions if this is helpful before coming back together to do more joined up work.

I have experience of working with infidelity, loss of trust. Adjusting to new blended family environments.